Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd.


We're Almost Done!


It has been a long journey. For the past 7 years Cavalier has been transforming itself into a world class manufacturing facility. Piece by piece, process by process we have seen the proverbial Phoenix arise. Every significant piece of equipment has been replaced with cutting edge technology and in some cases multiple pieces to help with the ever increasing workload.

Most recent additions to our manufacturing line up include a duplicate IMSA 9-axis/twin spindle gundrill, a Makino V99 vertical high speed machine, a Makino F9 vertical high speed machine, an Okuma vertical high speed machine, a Millutensil rotary spotting press with single shot injection capability and a new 25 ton bridge crane.

Equipment is important but the people on our team are the driving force behind our success. Cavalier has many long serving employees, who are highly motivated to produce world class molds, utilizing world class machines and tooling. We also have on our team, co-op students from local high schools, young adults from local training centers and CTMA/Government programs. This combination of wisdom and youth combined with a sharing of knowledge, ensures that Cavalier Tool will be a success now and in the future. We also provide plant tours for local grade schools, high schools and St. Clair College to show that manufacturing is a wise career choice now and for years to come. We see a bright future, come for a visit to see what our Team is all about.