“Take a Break” with Community Living

Published May 30, 2018 | Posted in Cavalier, Industry, News

Cavalier Tool is proud to partner with Community Living Essex County, to give employment opportunities to those who have an Intellectual Disability.  Lisa Vincent is an Employment Specialist who supports Collin,  one of our employees.  Collin asked Lisa to share this story with us….

“I wanted to share a picture that I took today of Collin holding a Kit Kat bar.  He asked me to share with you an explanation about why I was doing this. May is Community Living month in Ontario, and each year Community Living Ontario hosts a day at Queen’s park, in Toronto, called Community Living Day at the Legislature.  It is a day that people who have an Intellectual Disability are supported through Community Living agencies, can meet with their MPP’s to talk about what they need from government officials.  This event uses the tagline “Take a Break” and has people offering their MPP a Kit Kat, while they chat. This year, Community Living Day at the Legislature was cancelled, as politicians are busy campaigning for the upcoming elections.  So, Community Living Ontario has asked agencies across Ontario to take pictures that CLO can post on their social media sites.  Today, while I was visiting with Collin at Cavalier, I took this picture. Thanks again, for allowing me to support Collin to be successful at his job! “