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Our Process

Trust In Cavalier

“Our process ensures that we offer advanced technology solution to our customers and that we produce to the highest level of standards, with cost and time efficiency in mind.”

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With a worldwide customer base, we strive to develop strategic alliances with both our customers and suppliers and to continuously improve our network of support and services.

Program Management:

Responsible for overseeing your tool build from start to finish, our Program Management team offers a full range of support. All of our PM’s possess the technical skills to oversee design reviews and use CAD software and effectively track and manage your tool build during the manufacturing process. Their tool making background assures success during the try out and start-up process.


With over 20 in house designers, our Engineering department consists of strong CAD capabilities to meet your tooling requirements. Using the latest Siemens NX software, Cavalier ensures the designing of molds according to customer requirements, specifications, and industry-accepted guidelines.


Our machines are custom ordered to insure they fit the Cavalier manufacturing process profile and we actively track spindle utilization for quick tool builds. Our machine process ensures we offer the most technologically advanced equipment, lead time and cutting process the mold industry has to offer.

Tool Build:

Broken into groups for efficiency, our capable crews of mold makers insure all details are completed. Running 5 shifts 24/7, our advanced assembly area is second to none in the industry with redundant crane access and multiple service connections at each station. In house electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic specialists all contribute to the world class products Cavalier produces.

Try Out:

During the try out stage, we offer full support while testing your tool, ensuring our customer’s quality expectations are met prior to production. On site start up is also part of the Cavalier package.