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Published Apr 23, 2024 | Posted in Cavalier, Industry, Manufacturing, News, Technology

Many times, when projects are in the concept phase, the sales department has already committed to delivering the finished goods.

 The production cycle is then planned backwards from there. These are the normal pressures resulting from a desire to be first to market and make hay while the sun shines. It is understandable. That’s the free market at work. Given that this tends to occur often, business has learned to adapt with JIT practices, better market research and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Cavalier has Design for Manufacturing (DFM) built on a strong foundation of People.  Process.  Equipment.

In the mold making industry it can be challenging when the opportunity to provide part design solutions is obviously apparent but there is no path within the development process to present it. This can result in frustration when the chance to gain time is lost and the result is a request to compress the mold build timeline. This disconnect between the mold builder and their customers’ sales needs can be avoided. It occurs for obvious reasons in as much as the customer usually prefers to maintain the flexibility to source tooling without committing to any one vendor.

 This represents a lost opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial partner like relationship to reduce the time required to launch a new product with respect to part development and tool build. Time is money and cooperation saves time.

Cavalier is that ideal partner that molders value because we anticipate customer needs and are proactive in solving design challenges before they become impediments to the customers project timeline.

 Issues are addressed before they become problems.

 This is why we aid our partners even before a quotation is requested. We at r call this our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) team. When a customer has the need to vet their part design to optimize conditions that provide for the best possible mold, our team is there. We conduct the necessary feasibility study and if appropriate will carry that study through to mold design recommendations while working closely with our customer to achieve the desired results for optimal production.  

As a world leading solution provider for the molding industry, Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing puts the success of its customers first. Cavalier has an impeccable reputation for quality and on time delivery, but most importantly provides a product that is more robust, requires less maintenance and has faster cycle times, making processing more efficient thereby costing less in production.

The Cavalier DFM team is available to customers who partner with us and is there to be mutually beneficial to both. This service is offered at no cost based on the understanding of an ongoing relationship. We value our partners and support them accordingly with a transparent approach to design analysis. Time spent up front to provide a seamless transition so that the customer is prepared and confident when they need to be in production is the value Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing provides.

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